Saturday, February 20, 2010


I love it when kids blurt out random things. The wheels in their heads are forever turning. Yesterday was one of those random happenings when we were in the car.

Macy: Mom, are you going to be alive when I'm in college?

Me: Well, I hope so.

Macy: How old are you going to be?

Me: I will be 45 when you start college.

Macy: Oh, well, you should be alive then.....unless you get shot in the head or something.

Like I said....RANDOM!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This adorable kid in the picture with me is my hilarious nephew Nikolas. He is Brad and Nina's second child. He turned 8 (and Vanessa, his sister, had a birthday, too). Nikolas doesn't try to be funny....he just simply is. I love that about him. He got baptized a couple of weekends ago in West Jordan, Utah so the kids and I drove with my parents, Mike and Julina, and Bob and Wendy for the special event. We had a great time filled with endless games of Settler's of Catan and food! Happy Birthday and Baptism!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Sammy's pups are now 5 weeks old. We had several interested parties and then when it came down to actually coming out and seeing the pups to pick them out, most backed out. So.......we have puppies! Any takers? They are absolutely adorable! We have 3 girls and 2 boys. Please spread the word!