Sunday, January 31, 2010

In Memory of Grandma Butler

This has been a sad weekend for us. Our puppy died on Friday and our dear Grandma Butler died this morning on Sunday. On Thursday, Ken and I spent some time with Grandma and brought her her favorite meal....a Taco Bell taco. Saturday morning, we got a call from Ruth letting us know Grandma had severe stomach pain. We took the kids over and spent some time visiting. This morning, we were getting ready to go spend more time with Grandma before we headed to church and got the call that she had just passed away. Grandma was an amazing woman full of kindness, quick wit, and playfulness. She was still getting down on the floor to play with the kids with no help. My children are so blessed to have known their great grandmother so well and she will be truly missed.

We were able to stand around Grandma's bed side this morning so the kids could say goodbye. Ken explained to them why she was pale and her skin was cold to the touch. Christian took out her earrings and Madison took off her rings in preparation for her cremation. It was a very tender moment to see my kids want to help and participate in laying her to rest.

There will be a memorial in California at the end of the month where we will lay her to rest beside Grandpa Butler in Hayward, Ca.

This 4 generation picture was taken just a few short weeks ago. So glad I thought to take it!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Today, and the next day, and then next day....our hearts are broken. Today, our 7 month old Australian Shepherd named Sounder died. We are so incredibly sad. Sounder chased Ken's truck when he left for work and somehow got caught under the back wheel and died instantly. We take great peace in knowing he didn't suffer and that his last 24 hours on earth were good ones. Yesterday, Ken and I took Sounder and Hope around on our errands, took them to Ken's parents house to play with their dogs, and then down to the Columbia River to swim. It was Sounder's first time swimming in "the deep end." This morning, he made both trips with us up to the bus stop with the kids. This was one special dog and a member of our family. We now feel empty and sad inside but know that this feeling will pass but we will forever remember our favorite puppy named Sounder.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Right after puppy #1 came out and Sammy ate the sack.
Puppy 1 and 2 came ten minutes. It was about 1 an hour after that.
Giving Sounder some TLC and encouragement. Us Mom's have to stick together.
I woke everyone up at about 2:30 right after #3 was born so they could see it.
Just a few hours old.

These were taken today! All of them are black and white except one that has brown. They're all so cute! Can't wait to play with them!

On November 10th, I pulled into my driveway and there was a strange dog sitting in the middle of it. At first I thought it was our 5 month old puppy Sounder but then realized when I got out that I didn't know this dog. We gave her a warm garage to sleep in as it was freezing outside but left the door open so she could leave. We woke up to her. We proceeded to give her food and a warm garage while we asked around and put an ad in the paper for a missing dog. We talked about the possibility of someone having dumped her at the end of Reata.

We fully intended to give this dog away. However, she quickly won over our hearts. She's extremely obedient and hardly ever barks which I LOVE!

Since being with us, the kids named her Sammy and she has slimmed down quite a bit since living here. 3 weeks ago, Ken mentioned he thought she might be pregnant due to her belly size. I took her the vet and they confirmed the pregnancy and said she was due somewhere around 2-3 weeks.

I was hoping she would have her babies between Christmas and New Year's before I went to Boise for the New Year weekend. Less then 6 hours after I returned home right before midnight on the 3rd of January, Sammy had her first baby. I stayed up for 4 of the 5 and was with her but she did awesome! 3 girls and 2 boys.

We are fortunate that Sammy chose our house!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Idaho Weekend-New Years and Baptism

Ringing in the New Year at midnight.
Mom, Dad, Reagan, and Christian

Alex's Baptism after her confirmation.

Brad and Nina and AlexBrad and Nina's kids with Alex.

We had a dinner afterward and Dad found this chef hat and coat in the kitchen and HAD to wear it!
My family minus one brother, J. From left: Mike, Bob, Mom, Dad, me, Brad
I love this shot.....but not as much as I love my brothers!
The girls in the family minus J's wife Jenn. LEft: Me, Nina, Julina, Wendy, and Mom.

We spent New Year's weekend with Bob's family in Idaho for their oldest daughters' baptism. We played hilarious group games and rang in the New Year with them and Wendy's side of the family as well. We learned an awesome new game called Settlers of Catan and played it a couple of times each day.

Congratulations, Alex on your beautiful baptism!