Friday, July 24, 2009


On the side, we planted rhododendrons (to remind me of my grandma...she loves them), a Blue Bird of Sharon, and a Dogwood.
Blue Bird of Sharon
Haven't completed this section with planting yet. Waiting to be inspired.
My knockout roses....of love love love these.
Coleus, Japanese lace maple, irises, and pine topiary I can't touch or I'll break out in a rash instantly!
The only thing missing now are our big boulders we still have to get.
Again, our big boulder is missing. In the back corner is a hydrangea (again it's a part of my gma), a white weeping cherry, coleus, and irises.

Our goal this summer was to get some landscaping in around the house. We got motivated when Jordan Hickman and his fiance Natasha asked if they could have their wedding reception at our house. We got to work! We had a guy give us a bid since we've never had to do any landscaping before and was I in for a surprise!!! I told Ken, " I can do that myself!" So.....we did! We rented a sod cutter, figured out where we wanted our curbing, hired out the curbing portion, then layed down everything, installed drip lines, and planted. It was a lot of work and the kids were troopers helping but very satisfying work. Don't tell me if you don't like it. I'd rather not know!

I knew NOTHING when we started. There is still much to learn but I have a clue now and I found that I really like it! Not to mention the amount of money we saved doing it ourselves.......

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seattle Sounders Game

This is where I sat for two hours on the exit ramp. I hate traffic!!!
My handsome boys in green.
We had great seats! 21 rows up from the field.

Chelsea groupies doing a victory lap after the game.

For the boys birthday, we bought tickets to go to the MLS Seattle Sounders soccer game. We went yesterday. We got to Seattle with plenty of time. An hour and fifteen minutes before game time. However, we proceeded to sit on the exit ramp in gridlock traffic! After 45 minutes of barely moving, I kicked Ken and the boys out of the car to run to the stadium on the side of the freeway!!! We paid a pretty penny for these tickets and I'll be darned if the were going to miss any of it!! I was driving so I stayed behind. It took 2 hours to get off the exit ramp! I made it into the stadium right before half time but at least my boys saw kick off. The crowd was awesome! There was so much energy and non stop action in the game. We loved our first game even if we did lose to Chelsea. There were over 65,200 people present at this game. Totally sold out!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This Man

I LOVE this man....................


Today was girl day...with Dad included, that is. This was a day set aside for our girls as a present. They received a $50 mall gift card on their birthday and today was the day to shop. We started the morning off with haircuts, stopped at the river for a snapshot or two, then headed off to the Olive Garden for lunch. We then hit the mall for some "serious" shopping. I'd say it was a successful birthday!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birthday Breakfast

It's that time a year again....4 birthdays in 4 days! No separate friend parties this year!!! I gave my kids fair warning. Ken is working 11am-11pm this month so we had to do a breakfast birthday. We invited our family and my kids' second families (AKA the Hansen's and Hebdon's) and each one of them got to have one friend. We had Cinnabon's and ice cream for breakfast!!!

Ken and I couldn't wait to see the boys reaction to their birthday present. They each got a Seattle Sounders soccer jersey and a note that said that we are taking them to a game in Seattle next Saturday against Chelsea (MLS). They were so excited!!!!!! We are spending the day with the girls shopping and they each have a $50 gift card to spend. FUN FUN!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Caden

Today is Caden's "real" birthday. He has been counting down the days to turn 9! I love this boy soooo much. He was the calm child after the storm. I say that with love, were an awesome happy little baby and toddler....just very busy!

There are so many things I love about Caden. He is genuinely kind and it is so evident when he is around a toddler or baby. He is so drawn to them. Yesterday, in line at Costco, he had a baby in the cart behind us just rolling with laughter and I peered around and found many adults in the lines around us just smiling and laughing at the scene Caden didn't even know he was a part of. He was simply having fun with a baby.

Caden is driven...more than any child I know. He will work so hard to succeed at something. He is outside DAILY kicking a soccer ball all by himself...he doesn't care. He just wants to get better and better and really enjoys putting in the time and practice.

Caden is adorable, smiles with his eyes, and has a beautiful heart. I love you, son.