Monday, June 22, 2009

This Man

I love this man....and he's all mine.....MINE! After 15 1/2 years, it's still hard for me to believe that he chose me! As we get older, he just gets sexier and sexier....just goes to show that the brain is a very appealing organ!

For Father's Day, the kids planted him a willow tree. This is a tree for our FUTURE grandkids to climb in. If you think it about, it's really not that far off. Let's just hope it's not any sooner than it should be! We also got him a Seattle Sounders MLS t shirt.

We had Mom and Dad Sousley, Mom and Dad Drennan, Gma Sousley, Aunt Judy, and the Smith's over to celebrate the special men in our lives.

I am one lucky girl. Not only do I have Ken, but I have an amazing Dad, too. How did I deserve to have these two men?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Runner?

I've blogged 3 posts today so be sure to scroll down more, too.

I don't like to run. I detest it actually. I've tried to like it. Now I have a good excuse for not knee accident. I've wanted to like it for many years now but have never gotten past the gives me great pleasure to know that my boys like it. Caden ran 85 miles during mileage club this year over the school year. Only 4 kids in his entire school made that accomplishment. Way to go...I mean run....Caden!

My Little Cute Cub

Caden is my cute little cub.......that is Cub Scout. I spent Friday afternoon at Day Camp helping out and really enjoyed the time with my son. His favorite things were my favorite things. We both loved archery and making popcorn over coals.

It's That Time Again!

It's jam time! Each year, Mom and I get together and make homemade jam. I can't buy store stuff anymore. I try and make enough to last me the whole year. Freezer jam is extremely easy and much better with to make WITH someone. I put our kids to work stemming the strawberries. They grumbled at first but then really got into it. They were done with it all in about 20 minutes and they did a great job!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My French Friend

I have a french friend. Who are you? You live somewhere in or near Nancy, France, and visit my blog on a fairly regular basis. I'm intrigued!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

High School and Cell Phones

It's official! Madison is a high schooler......not only that but a high schooler with a cell phone!!! She has been wanting a cell phone for about 3 years now. We told her at the beginning of the school year that if she could get straight A's during 8th grade, we would get her a cell phone. She had straight A's during the whole year UNTIL the last week of school when her 90 in history fell to an 89 with the last quiz. Seriously! We figured she deserved it anyway, although, she did get a talk from Mom about how she better not learn from this that you can almost obtain a goal and reap the rewards anyway! Good job, Madison!

Catching Up!

Caden ran 85 miles during his 2nd grade year. There were only 4 kids in the entire school to do so and Caden got a mileage club t shirt for doing so.

I just love my honey!

Christian got his Webelos patch at Cub I'm still figuring that one out.
Caden had a piano recital and did awesome!