Friday, January 30, 2009


On the way home today, Caden's pant legs were riding up a little bit and showing about 4 inches of bare skin above his socks. There were little black dots sporadically over his legs. I asked him what it was. Without skipping a beat, he said (in a very serious voice), "It's a bad disease." I started to laugh because he didn't even have to THINK about his answer. He then proceeded to tell me it was from spray painted his pine wood derby car. I said, "Caden, you a really funny." His answer" "Thank you." Witty AND polite. I love that boy!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ok, I realize there may not be 100 things you want to know about me but..... I saw this on Wendy's blog and thought it would be here goes.....

1. I always dated older men.
2. I ended up marrying one. I was barely 19 and he was 24.
3. I was the only girl on an all boys baseball (fast pitch) team as a kid.
4. I played outfield, pitcher, and catcher.
5. My favorite time of day is morning. I hate waking up but once I get up, I love the quiet and solitude.
6. My favorite thing to do at night is take a whirlpool bath and read a book right before I go to bed.
7. I am the only girl of 5 kids.
8. I went to 9 schools in 12 years. 4 of those being high schools.
9. I started playing the organ at church and the piano for choir at the age of 12.
10. I really love to go out and ride my bike for miles. I rode about 75 miles a week when it was warmer.
12. I exercise so I can eat!
13. I'm smaller than I was when I got married!!!
14. My church callings have included: anything piano or organ related, primary teacher (2 times), Relief Society teacher, Primary President, Activity Days leader, and Teacher Development Coordinator.
15. My family read the Book of Mormon together in 3 1/2 months when President Hinckley gave the challenge. We need another "official" challenge!
16. I really HATED turning 29.
17. Then I asked myself, would I really want to do my 20's over again and that was the end of that!
18. I had my first baby at 20.
19. I had my last baby at 27.
20. My oldest baby will be in high school this fall!
21. My favorite movies are romantic comedies.
22. I really loved to read and read ALOT!
23. I have met Stephenie Meyer (Twilight Series author) 2 times!
24. I collect my favorite novels signed by the author.
25. We've bought 2 vehicles and a kids motorcycle on ebay!
26. I LOVE being a soccer mom.
27. And a volleyball mom.
28. And a gymnastics mom.
29. And a piano mom.
30. I am taking a organ class from an amazing organist who has a masters in organ performance. I'm finally learning the correct way to do the foot pedals!
31. I have developed anxiety in my 30's going to the dentist! Thanks Mom!
32. I have lived in the Tri-Cities now for 5 years which is longer than anywhere else.
33. My bucket list includes visiting the Great Wall of China.
34. I am an Olympics freak. Have to watch it every night when it's that time!
35. I can get in the shower, have my make up on, hair done, and be dressed in 30 minutes.
36. I'm constantly feeling like someone is missing....although I'm content as can be with my family of 6!
37. I think my husband is sexy with a goatee. Did I spell that right?
38. I drive a mini van even though I swore I never would.
39. I'm an obsessed blogger.
40. My favorite dinner is rib eye steak and baked potato.
41. My favorite ice cream is chocolate chip mint or cookie dough.
42. I love going on road trips with my family.
43. I love going on getaways with just my husband.
44. I have guilt over not having enough patience with my kids.
45. I can't hold a grudge against anyone.
46. My house is my haven. I love it!
47. My parents, in-laws, gma and aunt moved to Tri-Cities to be closer to us.
48. I blast music in my car. My kids don't know what to do if the music isn't on.
49. I turn the stereo off in my car just to hear my kids keep singing.
50. I have really fantastic friends.
51. I am an obsessed scrapbooker.
52. My greatest fear is losing one of my kids.
53. My greatest pleasure is seeing my kids succeed at what they are doing.
54. I love to paint....not the artistic kind....but paint walls!
55. I constantly have other kids at my house.
56. My first job was teaching piano.
57. My only non piano jobs were working in the shoe dept at Ross Dress For Less and as a bank teller when Ken and I got married.
58. It really bothers me when I know someone doesn't like me....I think it bothers me because I try to be a friend to all.
59. When I was young, I could burp the alphabet...thanks to a family of boys!
60. I can scrapbook 100 pages in 48 hours on only six hours of sleep.
61. This is my first year of all my kids in school all day.
62. Two people I want to meet are my two brothers who died me ever knowing them (I'm really the only girl of 6 boys).
63. When I was younger I wanted to be a concert pianist.
64. I was baptized in a shipping crate box with tarp in it to hold in the water in the middle of winter, in a friend's backyard, in Japan.
65. I went skinny dipping in the East China Sea and ALMOST got caught by the military police.
66. I went to a habu (snake) and mongoose fight on a school field trip when I lived in Okinawa.
67. I survived 2 years on a 5 square mile in the caribbean handwashing clothes and having the rain as our water source.
68. I think my kids do say the darndest things.
69. I love to paint....not scenery pictures....I suck at that. I love to paint rooms!
70. I'm good at painting....rooms. I don't tape but freehand the edge.
71. I have a REALLY old cell phone. It's ancient, bulky, and won't break.
72. I have a hard time spending money on things that still a new cell phone and plan.
73. I get a high from a good shopping deal.
74. I ALWAYS head to clearance first and rarely buy anything NOT on sale.
75. I am a facebook addict.
76. I love catching up with old friends and seeing how people are now.
77. I love watching the Biggest Loser and American Idol.
78. While watching American Idol, I usually dream about Simon at least once a season.......I don't even think he's that cute.....but evidently I foster a little crush?
79. At night, I like to drive through neighborhoods slowly and peak in the windows. That sounds stalkerish but I like to imagine other peoples lives and get glimpsed of decor. Am I the only one?
80. I compose music.
81. It is hard for me to play my music for other people...I feel very vulnerable.
82. I'm getting bunny lines on my nose.
83. I think I'm a really good gift giver...I really put a lot of thought into a gift.
84. I love having people over.
85. I hate feeling under appreciated. It makes me feel sad and depressed.
86. I try really hard to be uplifting and supportive.
87. I have committed myself to studying the scriptures more.
88. I have the best boys in my CTR 8 class!! They are hilarious!
89. I am blessed with amazing women in my life!
90. I sometimes think about adopting.
91. My car is almost always a mess.
92. My garage is almost always a mess.
93. I want to write a novel.
94. I am contemplated going back to school.
95. I volunteer at Kadlec MEdical Center weekly playing the piano in the lobby.
96. I am an internet junky....I google EVERYTHING! I've probably googled you!
97. I have conversations in my head with's good therapy!
98. I worry....about tons of things. I'll wake up in the middle of the night with a thought and not be able to sleep the rest of the night.
99. I detest waking up to the alarm. I like waking up on my own just before it goes off.
100. I now have my own gun....Ken bought it for me for Christmas.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Madison has started her own blog called Madi's Cooking Kingdom at She loves to cook and is trying out new recipes one to two times a week and will post her recipes. Please check her out. She has made some AMAZING STUFF!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Bacon and Eggs

Caden and Macy were in charge of breakfast this morning. They cooked bacon and scrambled some eggs. Caden was VERY proud of himself for his accomplishment and let us know as we were eating that he cooked the eggs.

Macy wasn't going to let him get away without having her due credit. She said: "I helped!"

Caden said: "All you did was help crack and stir the eggs!"

Macy said (in a DUH! kind of tone): "Well that's all there is to do!"

Thanks, Macy AND Caden for a good breakfast. It always taste better when I don't have to do the cooking!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It's hard to believe that 15 years ago today, Ken and I were married. Where does the time go? We've managed to do ALOT in those 15 years.

*We've moved 9 times in our first 10 years of marriage...1 more time this past year.

*We spent 2 years on a 5 square mile island in the Caribbean with NO beaches and rain water as our water source and hand washing clothes

*We somehow managed 4 years of medical school and another 4 years of residency....and remained married through it all

*We somehow managed to see each other enough to produce 4 children during all that chaos

*We built our dream home

*We started two businesses

There's alot more I could list but...quite franky, I have a hair appt and don't have the time! I am very lucky to have found the partner that I have. Ken is compassionate, service oriented, a thinker, a doer, and cares deeply about his family. I couldn't have asked or even had wished for a better father to our kids. I love you, Ken!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My husband very occasionally brings me flowers....very occasionally! When we were going through med school and residency, I asked him NOT to buy me flowers with our precious little money because they don't last and I could think of other things I would need or enjoy more on a special occasional. Last night, he came home from work with ice cream and flowers. What was so special about yesterday? Nothing. THat's what was so great about receiving the flowers.

Macy asked me: Mom, why did Dad bring you flowers? I think it's because he loves you alot and I love you, too!

On Wednesday, we'll be celebrating our 15 year wedding anniversary. I met him when I was 18 and married just after turning 19. I've almost been with my husband as long as I lived at home!

I would have enjoyed the flowers on Wednesday, but for some reason, it means more to me that he gave them to me on a regular day.

Monday, January 19, 2009

David Beckham Soccer Academy

This is the Christian's penaly kick that was the winning goal for the World Cup.

Ken took Caden and Christian down to Los Angeles this month to attend a 3 day soccer camp at the David Beckham Soccer Academy. This was Christian's second time attending and Caden's first. Kids from all over the country and other parts of the world attend the camp. All the coaches are from England so the boys now know some english soccer terms. Kit is uniform and boots are cleats. Christian's team won the "World Cup" on Christian's penalty kick! After the camp, Ken took the boys to SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Our dear friend, Shell, was in town and we had a luncheon after church today. Us girls did what we do and giggle over the silliest things. That's what I love about these's all pure fun. We laughed so hard just taking silly crosseyed pictures! I love you girls!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pampered By the Chef

Madison really enjoys cooking. For Christmas, she received some of her very own cookbooks. Once a week, she goes through her cookbooks and picks out something new to make. She makes me a list, I buy the necessary ingredients, and she is in charge of the meal. This is something new for us and it's been fun. Last week, she made Ratatouille (it's not just a movie) and garlic butter shrimp. It was AWESOME! Then she marks a plus, check, or minus next to her recipe so shes remembers how everyone liked it. Tonight she is cooking garlic lime chicken (from scratch and it's been marinating since last night). I'm not the pampered chef...I'm being pampered BY the chef.

Painted Master

We've been in our house about 10 months and I got the bug to paint my room. Rosy came over and helped me knock it out in a day. We painted the ceiling and walls the same and left the ledge the same color that it was. Then we framed the frames by not painting the rectangle around it and leaving that the existing color. I love how it turned off.

Friday, January 9, 2009


At dinner tonight, Kiersten, Theresa, and I were talking about reading and came up with the idea of a book list.'s my suggested reading book list. After you have read it, you are tagged and must post your suggested reading booklist. These are in no particular order as I have LOTS of favorites.

1) Sarah's Key: Historical Fiction about French Jews being sent off to camps with a modern storyline interwoven. Get at library and Target has it.

2) The Last Promise by Richard Paul Evans. This is one of my favorite love stories! It's a true story taht takes place in Italy and I'm dying for it to become a movie.

3) The Captain of My Heart Series by Anita Stansfield: Great adventure and romance set back in the England/New America time.

4) The Sunflower by Richard Paul Evans: True love story that takes place in a Peruvian orphanage.

5) The Gable Faces East and sequel Gables to the Sky by Anita Stansfield. Takes place in Australia many years ago on a horse "station". Great adventure and some romance, too! These books out of print. Local library has them.

5 1/2) Gables of Legacy Series by Anita Stansfield. Read these AFTER #5 above as they are the ancestors. I have these if any want to borrow.

6) Twilight Series: OF COURSE!

7) The Saboteur by Dean Hughes. Paratrooper in WWII: adventure and romance.

8) Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught. Pretty much ANYTHING BY JUDITH MCNAUGHT (Warning: These books do contain love scenes!)

9) The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. LOVE LOVE LOVE (Movie awesome, too)

10) The Count of Monte Cristo By Alexander Dumas. I really love this book and this is one book that I am glad I saw the movie first so that I could know how to pronounce the french words.

11) The Children of the Promise series by Dean Hughes. WWII historical fiction: awesome awesome

12) The Red Scarf by Kate Furnivall: Historical fiction set at a labor camp in Siberia in the 1930's. I have it if any want to borrow it.

13) Memoirs of a Geisha: Kristie got me into this one several years ago. Having lived in Japan for 6 years when I was a kid, I was fascinated with the story. True story from a former Geisha

14) Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. This comes in the 1500 page long version or shorter condensed version. I saw this on Broadway (on a blind date....never saw the guy choice...) and had to read the book and get all the piano music for it. You're probably familiar with it.

I love to read pretty much anything during the WWII time frame especially survivor stories about Nazi Germany, etc. For some reason, it fascinates me.

I have read everything of Nicholas Sparks, Judith McNaught, and Richard Paul Evans. Some people don't like Nicholas Sparks because some of his books don't end happy. Be forewarned but I think he's a great storyteller.

I'm a sucker for a good romance.

Now remember, if you read this, it is YOUR turn to post!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Cameo Mansion B&B

Leslie, Mom (Mary), and Rosy
The living room
The amazing kitchen!!!!!!
Our room which was the Italian Suite

Dad (Les), Mom (Mary), Sid, Rosy, me and Ken
Pianist Stephen Beus

For our annual end of the year Dermacare meeting, we went to a bed and breakfast only 30 minutes away. It was beautiful. It's called Cameo Mansion B&B in the Walla Walla Valley. I highly recommend it for a romantic quick getaway. The people who own it are a wonderful couple and their son-in-law, Stephen Beus, is a concert pianist who has played around the world. He was visiting and we got a private little concert. I've never heard anyone play as well as he does. I'm a new fan!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


All our GREAT friends!!!
Girls doing what we know best....talking
A competitive game of spoons!

It was really fun having some of my family there this year!!!
No, the boys aren't praying and they didn't like holding hands but it was necessary for our game! The boys won...with the help of a couple of cheaters!
We had our annual New Years Bash last night and what fun it was! We missed having it last year because we lived in the apts and we greatly missed having it. Everyone brought something to dip in the chocolate fountain and we played some fun party games. We are really blessed to have the friends we do and we missed those of you who couldn't make it. Happy New Year, everyone! May 2009 be an extra great year.