Wednesday, August 25, 2010


There is something I'm learning to like that I have never enjoyed...jogging. JOGGING? That's right, jogging. I have never liked it. I have avoided it like the plague. Well, my cousin Corina inspired me...she does so on a regular basis on so many levels. She started up jogging so I thought I would give it a try.

I feel like I am in pretty good shape but I have always had an issue with this sport. It isn't the perfect sport for even now due to my knee injury 5 years ago. I was told to never jog on cement. So...I have taken to the treadmill in my quest to be a better jogger. When I started, it was hard for me to complete a mile. Now I'm up to 3.5 miles! The problem I have is I'm just blasted BORED by the time I've ran for that amount of time!

I ran on cement twice in one week when I was at my brother's house and have paid for ever since. My knee aches when I'm driving or sitting too long.....back to my lovely treadmill. It is possible to love something and hate it at the same time...I'm convinced.

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Shannon said...

Yes, the boredom is a problem. At the gym they have little t.v.'s to plug your headphones into, so that helps...usually I can catch a good episode of CSI or maybe watch music videos on CMT or VH1. Good luck! Keep up the good work!